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About TES

TES Founder: Nancy Yeend

Our name, The End Strategy, evolved from the desire to tell people, up front, what TES does. The End Strategy says it all—TES helps put an end to business related conflict. There is also a historical footnote: the founder's last name, Yeend, means "the end" in old English!


TES founder, Nancy Neal Yeend, has served as a mediator for over 35 years, and her mediation practice focuses on helping businesses and individuals resolve disputes from pre-litigation thru trial and even at the appellate level.


During her career, Nancy often reflected on "What if they had done 'X' then could the conflict have been avoided?" The answer is a resounding "yes"! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!


Research demonstrates that preventing conflict provides huge benefits to businesses. Controversies and conflict cause stress, and people working in stressful situations are more likely to develop significant health issues: heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even cancer.


Reducing and preventing stress has multiple benefits: productivity increases, and absenteeism is reduced, which in turn helps lower healthcare costs. These factors significantly impact an organization's bottom line.


In addition to mediation and dispute management services, TES also offers a variety of interactive courses and individualized coaching.

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