TES Services 

Mediation and Negotiation

Mediation: This dispute resolution process affords individuals and organizations their last opportunity to control the outcome, rather than having a judge, jury or arbitrator tell them what to do. In addition to providing mediation, TES can serve as a resource to provide your team with insight for the selection of a case appropriate mediator, and design a solid mediation strategy, based on extensive pre-suit, trial and appellate experience. Due to Covid-19 concerns for many, TES can conduct phone and distance mediations if the parties prefer.

Negotiation: Direct discussions are one of the most cost effective dispute resolution processes. Serving as a consultant, TES can assist with identifying the critical negotiation elements of your case, and can advise your team on how to develop an effective negotiation strategy.

Training and Coaching

Providing members of your organization with skills is a key factor in preventing disputes from arising or escalating. TES provides tailored courses and individualized coaching.

Training: TES provides hands-on, practical, skills-based courses and workshops. TES tailors all courses to meet the unique issues and culture of your group. TES provides a variety of courses from communication and problem solving to negotiation and dispute resolution.

Coaching: One-on-one coaching enables key personnel to master a variety of skills, including conflict prevention and negotiation, and to constructively resolve differences. TES develops a comprehensive coaching program for each individual.

Dispute Management

Whether experiencing organizational turmoil or external litigation, TES provides a comprehensive process to independently identify not only the causes, but also what is fueling the controversy. Having a system in place saves resources. In the workplace, resolving difficult situations not only reduces absenteeism and job turnover, but also increases productivity. People working in stressful situations for prolonged periods of time are more likely to develop significant health issues, including heart disease, diabetes and even cancer.

Assessment: An independent assessment guards against biased review, and helps build confidence in the organization's dispute management process. TES uses a variety of techniques including surveys, discussion groups, and individual interviews.

Design: Based on assessment data, TES creates a tailored management system emphasizing prevention and constructive dispute resolution.

Implementation: There are two primary options: (1) TES works collaboratively as an advisor with the client; or (2) the organization can independently implement the recommendations. The client always retains control over implementation.